privacy policy

The team of Salla platform welcomes you through its online platform, and offers thanks  for your confidence in our platform, Salla informs you that out of the carefulness of the  platform and its full awareness that the user has certain rights via the platform, Salla seeks  to preserve the information of merchants and customers in accordance with the  mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality applicable in Salla platform .  Accordingly, Salla notes that, according to the terms and conditions agreement concluded  between you as Merchants and between Salla, this document informs you of the privacy  policy and confidentiality of information applied in it, and that according to the fourth  section of Article Fifteen of the terms and conditions agreement Salla has established  these rules “privacy policy and confidentiality of information” to clarify And define the  mechanism of confidentiality and privacy applicable in “Salla” please familiarize yourself  on it for as you enter Salla and establish your store all your information is subject to this  policy.

Information that a platform obtains and maintains in its electronic systems:

1. The personal information of customer such as: Name, Email, and national ID number  or Iqama.

2. The personal information of the Merchant, such as name, age, email, national  identity number or residence number. 

3. The information of the store and its legal entity, such as : Commercial Register  number and a copy of the commercial register. 

4. The user’s personal login information, such as: username, password, email, and the  question of password recovery and answer. 

5. If the merchant does not provide the required information, Salla platform may try  to obtain it through other sources.

Information on Revenue, products, or services or store:

1. Salla has access on the revenue of the store due to the use of payment methods and  gateways provided by salla. 

2. Salla is aware of the type of merchandise, products or services offered on the stores. 3.

Salla is aware of the performance of the stores in order to provide stores and  merchants with consulting and support in case they need it to improve their  performance. 

Information of shop consumers or merchant customers:

1. Since Salla platform seeks to maintain the quality of the stores’ work, and improve  the quality of their work, it constantly informs about the number of store  consumers, their customers and their segments.

information about merchants and stores:

1. Of course, Salla seeks to keep this information in a manner that preserves the privacy  of the Merchant, and Salla does not keep this information except with the aim of  improving the quality of the platform and the stores and to ease the work of  merchants and stores. 

2. As a general rule, all this information is only viewed by some of Salla’s Management  after they have obtained a permit to view it by Salla’s management – the permission  is usually specific and restricted and is subject to legal and administrative control by  Salla – and this information will not be published or broadcasted to others. 

3. As Salla seeks to preserve the safety of merchants and preserve their rights,  therefore – in the event that Salla notes any violation or illegal activity that the  merchant performs – the management of Salla in application of the articles, terms  and provisions of the terms and conditions of use agreement and where it seeks as  far as possible to maintain the safety of merchants, they may share any of this  information with the competent authorities to take the necessary action against the  violating merchant, in order to protect the platform and the rest of the merchants,  stores, and customers from any legal issues that may arise on Salla or one of its users  as a result of this violation or illegal activity. 

4. Merchants who register their stores through Salla’s success partners thereby give  the success partner they registered through the right to see all information about  the merchant and his store.

How secure is the confidentiality of merchant, store, and customer information?

1. Salla seeks to maintain the confidentiality of its user information, and the users  ’privacy policy will not violate the terms and conditions of use agreement or the  privacy policy and the confidentiality of the information. However, due to the fact  that 100% of this cannot be guaranteed in (Internet space), Salla’s team notes the  following: 

– Salla seeks to preserve all information about users and not to be seen by anyone in  contravention of the policy applicable in the platform. 

– Salla protects user information under high-quality electronic and technical  protection systems and is constantly being updated. 

– However, given that the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed due to any penetration  or viruses that may occur on electronic protection systems and on the firewalls in  effect in a platform, the platform advises users to keep their information completely  confidential, and not to disclose any information that the user sees is very important  to him. This is out of Salla’s efforts to keep users information safe and protected. 

Strategic and logistical services (third party services):

1. The merchant acknowledges with his full capacity and negation of ignorance that in  the event that he submits an application to subscribe to a service provided by a third 

party, he grants permission, authorization and full and complete permission to Salla  to provide the service provider with the subscriber’s user data , such as: user name – personal phone – mail Electronic – ID number, residence, and other information  needed by the service provider (third party). This is so that the service provider  (third party) can provide the required service that the user has subscribed to.

 • Rules and provisions for the use of Salla Platform:

1. All Salla’s obligations, and all obligations of merchants, and all the rights mentioned  in the relationship between the merchant and Salla, are present here “link is placed”,  as these rules are the “privacy policy and confidentiality of information” emanating  from the agreement concluded between the user and the platform when establishing  his account, The Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy has been  established to ensure the credibility and trust that Salla’s management is keen to  provide to users.