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Salla vs shopify

Our sales have significantly increased about 10%-15% on a quarterly basis, and we have gained a larger clientele because of customer trust in Salla stores.

Salla has reduced our customer acquisition efforts by 40% because customers have become familiar with purchasing from Salla stores.

We have found great support and better service with all the features available to us, making Salla our first and best choice.

The exceptional customer care Salla provides has made business easier for every merchant.

Salla Special has helped us achieve our set goals with its easy-to-use features and support in ecommerce.

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Success begins with stability

Focus on your business growth with reliable, stable systems at all times.

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Reduce operational costs with solutions tailored to your needs.

Take your business global with a few clicks

Take your business global with a few clicks

Stay connected to the world with various shipping options and support of all major online payment methods, and keep your business moving forward with daily payouts.

Our dedicated team is by your side

Whether you need answers to questions or assistance in managing your store, our Customer Success Specialists and Technical Advisors are ready to provide you with personalized, immediate support.

Our dedicated team is by your side

Salla Special vs. other commerce solutions

Learn how Salla can help you achieve greater growth at a lower cost.

Logo Logo
Shipping Direct integration with local & global courier services
Payments Instant activation of online payment methods External payment gateway Additional fees apply
Store app Free native app for your store on iOS & Android Additional fees apply
Customer service Technical support and Help Center in Arabic & English
Store themes Customizable themes with Arabic language support Limited RTL-compatible themes
Local marketplace Market your products for free to millions of customers in the region
Store domain registration Match your store domain name with your brand Free with Salla Special Additional fees might apply
Electronic billing Compliant and linked to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority
System language Arabic language support in merchant dashboard
Merchant Community Gain & exchange insights with fellow local merchants
Customer base +13 million registered accounts on the platform
Merchant Services Link your store with service providers in Saudi Arabia
Customer loyalty An integrated loyalty system developed by the platform
Customer Success Manager Your guide to implementing best practices for profit growth
Store Launch Specialist Get help with store setup, feature activation & data migration

Merchant FAQs

These questions may come to mind if you are considering growing your business with Salla Special.

How can I subscribe to Salla Special?

You can get started by filling out our Salla Special request form to reserve your demo appointment and our team will be in touch to provide you with all the details you need.

I have a store on Salla Pro plan. Can I upgrade my current plan to Salla Special?

Certainly! You can upgrade your store plan from Salla Plus or Salla Pro to Salla Special by filling out our Salla Special request form.

If I upgrade my store from Salla Pro or Salla Plus to Salla Special, will I be compensated for the remaining duration of my current subscription?

Yes, you will be compensated for the remaining days of your current subscription with credit added to your store wallet.

How much does Salla Special cost?

Salla Special offers enterprises advanced services and features at a competitive subscription price. You can find out the annual subscription price by filling out Salla Special request form, and our team will provide you with all the pricing details.

When can I expect online payments to be deposited in my bank account?

Salla Special offers a minimized payout period, with payouts regularly deposited into your bank account every 24 hours on business days.

What is the difference between Salla Pro and Salla Special?

Salla Special is designed for businesses aiming for higher growth and enhanced capabilities. It offers more advanced features, including a dedicated Success Manager and Store Launch Specialist, flexible transaction fees tailored to your business size, subscription to Salla App Maker, and the ability to add an unlimited number of store branches, warehouses, and staff accounts without additional fees.

Salla Special also grants you access to all Salla features, and the apps and themes developed by Salla at no additional cost.

Can I integrate my ERP system with Salla?

Yes, you can integrate the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system you use with your Salla store by choosing the appropriate integration method for your store.

Can I migrate my online store from other platforms to Salla?

Certainly, you can create your store on Salla and import data such as product and customer profiles from various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Zid to Salla. Our Customer Success team will assist you in the data migration process to ensure a smooth transition in the shortest time possible.

What is the timeframe for launching a store on Salla and starting to receive orders?

The duration for launching your store on Salla largely depends on the readiness of your store setup data and the availability of your store team. Salla Special offers special advantages to accelerate your store launch, including: assigning a dedicated Store Launch Specialist and Customer Success Manager to ensure thorough setup guidance and enable your team to configure the store optimally for your business.

Can Salla platform handle large numbers of visits and orders without technical issues?

You can rely on Salla’s system stability to maintain a smooth performance of your store during all times, seasons, and marketing campaigns that generate high volumes of visits and purchases.