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Salla Special services

Salla Special offers you special support from our experts around the clock, To meet all your needs

Advantages of Salla Special

Why choose Salla?

Salla platform is distinguished from others by its distinguished services and its keen care for its customers, making it easier for every merchant to do his trade. We are happy to cooperate with them and grateful to the wonderful Salla team

A special package from Salla has saved us a lot in terms of excellent payment prices, in addition to the speed of response from the account manager, and Salla proves that it is always developing itself, and this is something that supports all merchants.

The package provided us with support in the field of e-commerce and provided facilities and features that helped us achieve the goals set by us.

An improved package that was reflected in the store’s performance, the flexibility of dealing with customer requirements, and the development of our business due to the distinctive features and characteristics of the package. I thank Salla for providing the package and the continuous development and services it provides and reduces the cost of establishing and managing electronic stores.

The package provided us with the necessary support to launch e-commerce and train employees in accordance with our requirements, and for this we thank you for these achievements and support for us. Wateen perfumes

Thank you Salla 🌹 We found great support and better service through all the available features, and the Salla became our first and best choice 🙏🏼

Most prominent questions

The most common and important questions that you may be thinking about

If I am on the Salla platform and want to upgrade, will the difference in the subscription and application amount be compensated?

Yes, the remaining days in the subscription will be compensated and added as a balance to the wallet

Can I link the ERP program I use with my store on the Basalt platform?

Yes, it is possible to link through the application store, and it is also possible to specify the linking method you desire.

If I am on another platform and want to move to Salla, is that possible?

It is certainly possible to transfer data from different platforms to the Basalah platform, and you will be assisted by the Merchants Success team to ensure that the transfer process is completed smoothly and in the shortest possible time.

How long does it take to launch the store and start working on it?

It depends heavily on the data readiness of the store setup and the availability of the store team, but what Special Salla offers to speed up the process is: Appointing a success manager for the store ensures that all settings are explained and enables you to set up the store in a way that suits you.

– Can the Salla platform handle huge numbers of visits and purchases without technical problems?

Yes, you can rely on Basalah and its technical solutions and servers to maintain the smooth performance of your store during your advertising campaigns that generate visits and huge purchases.

What are the special services in the Special ?

Providing a special team to help prepare and equip the store initially, then following up with the store’s success manager to ensure that best practices are being implemented, providing expertise, and ensuring the activation of the features in the system, in addition to providing support directly through the customer service team supervisors.

Special Salla

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